The mama said story


As with the creation of many companies, a nugget of the idea often comes from an inkling, feeling or event.  Creating mama said wasn’t any different.

In some ways as the Creator & Owner of mama said, I’d always been an entrepreneur, having freelanced for many companies’ over the years as a producer.  Yet, it was being down-sized from my last full-time position that started the momentum, plus the lagging freelance opportunities and my mother’s declining health, I realized it was time to investigate other opportunities.  It was time to control my destiny.

So instead of waiting for a call, I thought it was time to channel my creative energies and entrepreneurial enthusiasm into a project born out of a true passion which I believe in.  I guess you could say it was a call of a different kind—a call to action.

So while on a trip to California, I got a spark of an idea about creating t-shirts with sayings or quotes.  I bounced around a few sayings and ordered some test shirts—just to see.  Nothing happened for a while.   

Sadly, my mother, who had been in declining health for most of my adult life passed away after a long illness. As her caregiver for many years, I began to remember and reminisce about the unique, one-of-a-kind sayings my mother told me–the little phrases, circumstances and why she said what she said, and most of all, how she said it.  Soon, my business idea became clearer and mama said was born.

I thought other people could relate to the messages and enjoy the meanings behind them.  It is also a tribute to my mother and mother’s everywhere.  And though my mom is not physically here to see the efforts, my mother’s essence is what is drives me to pursue developing mama said.

mama said is a work in progress.  Expect to see more elements added.  Until then, I hope you enjoy mama said, buy a shirt or two and take away information that is useful.

 With Gratitude,

Delores Edwards
Creator + Owner
mama said