mama said is an online retail business that sells t-shirts with specialty designed messages that are inspired by the thoughts and sayings of the founder’s mother.


mama said’s mission is to provide its customer with fun, inspiring, thought-provoking, and amusing tee shirts with messages in the voice of our mothers. mama said tees are messages from the heart.

Most often our mothers dispense advice or opinions based on experience wrapped in the love and compassion of being a parent to their child. Sometimes the advice is practical and sometimes it’s not. Yet after soul searching and careful reflection, most, if not all the time, we find that our mothers, whether we like it or not are often right. Right?

mama said wants to honor our mothers and all of their sage advice, while providing stylish quality tee shirts for its customers to wear.  Once you buy a mama said tee shirt, you’ll see why.

You can find us here on our website, ohmamasaid.com.  The company name is simply, mama said. Our initial selection of shirts can be found on my mamasaid.spreadshirt.com mama said spreadshirt website.  Just click on any of the shirts to check out my designs on Spreadshirt. I designed the mama said inspired t-shirts myself–with a little help from mom–with cool designs and fonts for you to wear.  I have partnered with Spreadshirt to take care of the printing, shipping etc.

Expect more to come as we roll out our line.

Thanks for visiting.